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MY Cosmetics French Nails - Pink Buy Online in Zimbabwe

MY Cosmetics French Nails - Pink

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MY Cosmetics French Nails - Pink.

- Natural looking pre-glued nails that stock on instantly for a professional manicured appearance
- Perfect for when you are short of time and want a stress free experience
- Make sure your nails are clean, dry and free of any polish

How to Use:
- Select a nail best suited in size for each finger
- Peel and stick your French nails over your nail
- Hold down firmly on the nail to ensure it is sticking to the nail
- To remove, place your nails in a bowl of acetone and soak
- Eventually the acetone will begin to dissolve the nail and soften up the glue underneath
- Remove any residual pre-on nail
- Use a cuticle stock, scrape off any glue that may still be present after the soaking process
- You might find that a few extra minutes of soaking will take off any trace amounts of glue still left on your nails
- Do not force or pull nails off as this will damage your own nails
- These pre-glued nails mean that you do not need to apply any glue to the nails
- Do not apply to weak, damaged or thin nails

- Colour: Pink
- Warranty: Non-Returnable

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