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The Daily Sale Shop is Zimbabwe's leading online store. We are extremely passionate about bringing you an authentic online shopping experience. As such these are our core beliefs

 1. You are unique: You are unique and therefore there is no reason why your shopping cart shouldn't reflect that. Physical shops can only stock a limited range of products. Why let someone else decide what you get to buy? We believe options are the spice of life! So we have delivered just that! Over 100,000 available products from over 5,000 suppliers. Now your shopping cart can reflect your true preferences.

 2. Every dollar you save counts! Take care of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves they say. When you check out online you get full value for your money. No more change issues or dirty tokens for change. You only part with the price as displayed. That's it! Because of our wide product range we invite you to use our platform as a price check as well. We are sure that our prices will beat anyone out there.

 3. Your time is precious Let your order come to you for FREE. We deliver ANYWHERE in Zimbabwe for free for orders above $40. Use the time you save to spend time doing the things that matter the most to you.

 4. You know what to expect We know that you expect a world class online shopping experience. You don't want to use a buggy website with old prices and dated stock. You want to know and trust that what you see is what you will get. This is why our greatest investment is in our engineers. They design the systems and process that ensure that we are always able to deliver world class solutions. Our collects are nested in way that makes shopping easier and more fun. IN SUMMARY We do not believe in physical retail space. We believe going this route will betray what we want to offer our customers. Product options will be fewer, prices will go up and your experience will be compromised. We are not going to allow that to happen. We believe we have built a platform that should allow you to shop and check out seamlessly. We invite you to use our platform and have some fun while doing so. Much love, The Daily Sale Shop Team  

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                                                   THE TEAM

Kuda is a former Rhodes University student where he studied Accounts and Economics. He currently sits on the board of a $5million Agri- business milling company. He is the Co-Founder of The Daily Sale Shop which through his leadership has within 14 months established itself as the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform in Zimbabwe.

Kudakwashe Manzanga - Chief Executive Officer

Kumbirai is also a Rhodes University graduate and also holds an Honors Degree in Tax. She has held positions as Financial Director in 3 of the most successful businesses in Zimbabwe. She has been able to set up a robust system to manage our cash flows, track our expenses, and costings for over 130,000 products which must all be tracked and priced in real time. 

Kumbirai Manzanga - Financial Director

Takudzwa has been working on ensuring that our fulfillment is world class. Customers can track their orders, get automated updates and we in the process of incorporating more world class systems to ensure our customers experience an authentic online shopping experience. He is the reason customers have so much confidence in our business and why we get great reviews from our customers daily!

Takudzwa Machemedze - Director In Charge Of Logistics & Fulfillment

Mzimkhulu is the technician/ICT specialist behind all the amazing functionalities and visuals our customers appreciate, he is in charge of Designing developing/improving the website as well as populating and managing over  130,000 products listed on the website. Happy are the customers for the Wide range of products to choose from thanks to him.

Mzimkhulu Moyo - E-commerce Platforms Director