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What our first time customers usually ask

1. How do I place an order?


You can use our rapid search bar to search for anything you can imagine, or you can use the menu to discover collections and products


Once you find what you are looking for, add that product to your cart


When you are done shopping, you can then checkout


Pay for your order using DPO or request for Cash on Delivery (available for returning customers on selected products)


Order confirmation will be sent via email or SMS immediately after placing your order

2. Can I not pay for my order on delivery?

We are an online shop and FedEx is our shipping partner. Your order can not be imported or despatched locally from our suppliers before payment is made. When payment has been made you can expect your order to be imported and delivered to you by FedEx within 3 to 5 working days or your money back!! 

3.I don’t have DPO and want to pay using cash. What should I do?

Complete your checkout process and an agent will contact you. You can then drop off money at ANY FedEx branch nationwide by simply stating your name and order number. As soon as your payment has been received you will get a receipt of payment and we will then commence fulfilling your order.


Who is responsible for my order?

The Daily Sale Shop is responsible for your order while fulfilment is done by FedEx as our shipping partner. Your order is procured and given to our shipping and clearing partner, FedEx. A lot of stuff is done, sorting, clearing and delivery behind the scenes while you wait for your order.


Who is responsible for shipping costs?

All shipping costs together with delivery to your home or collection point will be handled by us. You only pay the price displayed for your product


What happens if I do not receive my order after paying for it?

There has never been a case of a customer not receiving their order. What can happen in rare instances is an order being partially fulfilled. We can quickly resolve this by offering an immediate refund or fulfilling the missing item.


Do you have guarantees on your products?

Great Question. We do not offer product guarantees, but we do offer to help you redeem ‘manufacturers warranties.’ This means that should have an issue with your appliance/product, as long as it’s still under manufacturers warranty we will take it back to the supplier for them to fix or replace it. Please note we do not automatically provide a replacement. This is purely at the manufacturer’s discretion. We are here to serve as a go between our customers and the manufacturer. Please check the product description to get information on the warranty terms and conditions before purchasing as not all products have warranties and some products have limited manufacturer warranties. If you are not sure about the warranty on your product, please contact us on our live chat support and we will gladly assist you.


Why do you not have physical shops?

We are well represented through our fulfilment partnership with FedEx and their network of shipment centres. This infrastructure allows us to focus on our core business and keeps costs low. We do not need to have the same product in 30 branches (physical shops) and this is the reason why we are by far the most affordable shop for over 100,000 products.

 We do however have a 3000sqm warehouse in Willowvale, Harare