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Hikvision G2 Dashcam - Front and rear dual-lens full HD driving recorder Buy Online in Zimbabwe

Hikvision G2 Dashcam - Front and rear dual-lens full HD driving recorder

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- Front camera: 1440P@30fps/1080P@60fps
- Rear camera: 1080P@30fps
- You can use the mobile APP/touch screen to set the video resolution
- Based on this, the user can determine the SD card recording time, 32GB card can record about 3 hours
- Support H.264 / H.265 (after update)
- The front lens uses a 153° wide-angle F1.8 aperture lens
- The rear lens uses a 146° wide-angle F2.0 aperture lens
- 6 groups of glass HD lenses and filters

Driving and parking mode:
- Support driving green shadow
- Support parking monitoring, and set the switch through the mobile APP/touch screen
- In parking monitoring mode, you can choose motion detection recording or time-lapse recording
- There will be voice prompts when switching modes
- Intelligent monitoring voltage
- The original step-down line detects the vehicle voltage through software and hardware during parking monitoring
- Just use the mobile APP/touch screen to set the power-off voltage
- It will automatically shut down when it detects that the car power supply voltage is lower than the set value
- The original FUSE connection cable is perfectly connected to the FUSE box to get power, and the cable is never cut to protect the safety of the power supply system in the car
- The machine comes with a 3.5m original Fuse power cord connection plug
- The camera comes with a 5m front and rear lens cable

Artificial intelligence and advanced driving assistance system:
- Front car anti-collision
- The car ahead
- Speed ??limit sign recognition
- Traffic green light prompt
- Advanced driving assistance prompts can be set individually through the mobile APP/touch screen
- Support driving behavior analysis
- The 3-inch IPS touch screen is more durable than ordinary LCD screens, and the operation response is faster and more stable
- Touch screen display can choose auto-off/screen saver/real-time picture

Built-in G-Sensor/GPS/WIFI
- Built-in six-axis acceleration sensor
- Start emergency video in case of collision
- Collision lock function prevents important clips from being overwritten
- When the vehicle starts, there will be a warning of the collision lock plate during parking
- G-Sensor sensitivity can be set using a mobile APP/touch screen
- Built-in high-precision GPS, store driving records
- Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS)
- Built-in WIFI can connect to mobile APP
- Can view real-time images, playback recorded video clips, download videos, and function settings
- Share recorded video clips instantly through social media apps

What's in the box
1 x Dashcam
1 x Rear camera
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Bluetooth button
1 x User manual
2 x Stickers

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