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Coopers Advanced Paste Bait - 200g Buy Online in Zimbabwe
Coopers Advanced Paste Bait - 200g Buy Online in Zimbabwe
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Coopers Advanced Paste Bait - 200g

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A highly active anticoagulant ready-for-use paste bait for the control of Rats and Mice in the domestic, industrial and public health sector.

(Endorsed by the Griffon Poison Information Centre as Owl compatible)
Download the Endorsement using the QR Code on the back of packaging.

Directions for use:
(Use only as directed)

General directions:
- Advanced paste is ready to use
- Do not tear the sachets open.

Preparation for baiting:
- Before placing advanced paste, inspect the infested site thoroughly to determine the location of all rat & mouse entry points, nesting & feeding sites
- The bait should be placed in a suitable bait station such as Coopers Bait Station to prevent access by children, domestic pets, and other non-target organisms, and to prevent the bait becoming unpalatable.
- Rodents feel more secure when feeding under cover

- Place up to 200g of bait at each bait point
- Inspect bait frequently, particularly in the first ten days and replace partly consumed bait
- If a bait point is completely consumed, the quantity should be increased
- Continue replenishing baits until they are left untouched

- Place up to 30g of advanced paste one to two meters apart in areas where activity is obvious, particularly where droppings, damage or any other signs of activity are seen
- Mice feel more comfortable feeding in the Coopers Bait Station

- Avoid contact with the skin
- Avoid all contact by mouth
- Prevent access to bait by children, birds & non target animals
- Wear rubber gloves when putting out the paste bait & wash hands afterwards
- Do not place bait where food, feed or water could become contaminated
- Destroy empty container & never re-use for any other purpose
- Select baiting points where paste bait will be inaccessible to children and domestic animals
- Bury paste bait that has not been consumed at the end of the treatment
- Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the bait
- Remove all remains of the paste bait & bait containers after treatment and dispose of them in a responsible manner
- Look for and burn all rodent carcasses
- Do not place them in refuse bins or on rubbish tips
- This product is hazardous to mammals & birds
- Exposure of non target species should be prevented
- Store in original container, tightly closed, under cool & dry conditions in a safe place

Symptoms of human poisoning:
- An increased tendency to bleed could indicate accidental poisoning, e.g. nose bleeds, bleeding gums, and bruises under the skin, and the hemorrhaging into & around the elbow and knee joints and blood in urine and faeces

First aid treatment:

If ingested:
- Wash mouth out
- If bait is swallowed, obtain medical attention immediately
- Do not induce vomiting

Only if medical assistance is not readily available and if a large quantity has been swallowed, the vomiting can be induced, provided the patient is conscious. Take patient to nearest physician as soon as possible

Note to physician:
- Vitamin K1 (phytomenadone) is antidotal
- Vitamin K1 by slow intraverous injection, and continue until prothrombin time stabilizes
- Continue treatment with oral Vitamin K1 until the prothrombin time has remained normal for three days

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1x 200g Coopers Advanced Paste Bait

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