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Wondernut Capsule Buy Online in Zimbabwe

Wondernut Capsule

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The Journey of Wondernut Capsule

What is the Wondernut Capsule?
It is a gelatin capsule, in two pieces that fit together and is filled with nut powder. Alleurites Mollucana L. (Willd) is a 1/4 of crushed seed in Capsule form and have the same benefits, and Components as the Alleurites Mollucana L. (Willd) seed. It's 100 % safe to use and will benefit you the same as the Nut and Tea Bag. It is very effective and may maintain your Energy levels. No stimulants present as it is an organic seed, it may also control your Appetite. The powder is 100 % Organic, and may reduce centimetres and might help with weight loss. Easy and quick to use without any required diet. For the most effective results, you need to eat 3 nutritious meals a day. Do not over indulge either. Extra exercises will only be to your benefit, build muscle mass instead of fat.

Before you start to use Wondernut in the quest of your weight loss journey, you have to take note that as an organic weight loss capsule, the capsule is a detoxifying capsule and when ingested as prescribed in the instructions, it may cause you to detox. We strongly recommend and advise that anyone who is currently using any prescribed antibiotics should not use The Wondernut, as some of the compounds within the Wondernut seed has the ability to override the strength of the antibiotics.
Never exceed the recommended dosage as instructed
Recommended that you avoid the use of alcohol while using the capsule.
Do not use The Wondernut seed if you are allergic to Nuts
If you are suffering from any of the following: Gastritis, Ulcer, Any Renal Deficiency or Any condition involving your heart, kidneys or liver.
Do not use any of The Wondernut Products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Avoid fatty foods, detox will be much harsher than normal.
Keep out of reach of children.

Possible Side Effects if not used as indicated on the pamphlet
Nausea, vomiting
Menstrual irregularities
Needles & Pins
Back Pain
Muscle Pain
Detox Headaches
Skin Transformation
Hunger Headaches
Dehydration Headaches
Tiredness while detoxifying

Wondernut Capsule Benefits:
May Lose centimetres
May Improve Muscle tone, May Increase weight loss and detoxifies your system.
May Maintains Energy levels
May Enhances skin - Making it soft and shiny
May increase your skin elasticity
Transform food into energy instead of fat

Important to eat Vegetables and Fruit that contains potassium along with the use of all our Wondernut Products to regenerate the potassium your body uses while using our product. Banana, yogurt or cucumber can be replaced with Moringa that contains the necessary potassium and magnesium found in all three of these products.


What's in the box
1 Box of 30 Wondernut Capsules

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