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Nu-Light Highlight Refill Light Blonde Buy Online in Zimbabwe

Nu-Light Highlight Refill Light Blonde

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The Nu-Lite Blonde Hi-light Kit is an easy-to-use, salon formulated and approved hi-lighting kit, for longer lasting colour and shine. Available in a convenient Refill Kit which contains the essential items you'll need for touch up treatments. 

Each Refill Kit includes: 
- Bleach Powder (50g)  
- Crème Peroxide 30 volume (100ml) 
- Protective gloves. 

Directions for use: 
Read instructions on the packaging carefully before you begin and refer to guideline tinting times. Do not wash or wet your hair prior to application.  
Brush hair thoroughly. Before putting on the tint cap, style your hair as per your usual hair style Put on the tint cap carefully without messing up your hair style.  Ensure cap is firmly in place and fasten  with drawstrings. With hook draw strands of hair you want to high light through the holes in the tint cap.  Put on the protective gloves provided with the kit. Pour all the Creme Peroxide 30 Volume into the jar which holds the bleach powder and blend into a smooth paste. Do not close the container or seal the mixture. Immediately apply the mixture to the hair with the tint brush, ensuring that all the hair is evenly coated. Wait specified time to achieve desired colour results- it is advisable to do a strand colour check every 15 minutes.  Rinsing:  Before removing the tint cap, and only once the desired colour has been obtained, rinse the tinted hair thoroughly with warm water.  Ensure all the product is removed from the hair.  Apply a small amount of shampoo to the hair and gently slide the tint cap off.  Once the tinting cap is off, shampoo the whole head thoroughly, then apply conditioner.  Rinse thoroughly and style as desired

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