$179 Nillkin AirEco Car Air Purifier V1

$179 Nillkin AirEco Car Air Purifier V1

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The AirEco V1 Portable Air Purifier is characterised by purism, elegant lines and style. Its use of aluminium materials contributes to high-quality structure and appearance whilst effectively reducing operating noise.

Its grooved design which increases the capacity of air intake and its brushless DC motor accelerates its effective air circulation. The motor combines low power consumption and high output performance.

Unifying filter technology with the innovative AOP-KF material efficiently cleans the air of formaldehyde, toluene and other gas pollutants, as well as viruses and bacteria.

Suitable as an in-car, transport accessory whilst also being suitable for desk and cabin areas. Powered by USB making it versatile for placement and power.

As a RedDot Design Award winner for 2020 means its recognised for its combination of function with distinguished design.

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