$99 Manual Press Mini Espresso Ground Coffee Maker

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Mini Espresso Portable Ground Coffee Maker

This is a must-have for coffee lovers who want to have their espresso where ever and whenever they want!! Make your delicious coffee in seconds, all you need is Boiling water and some ground coffee which can all be stored in the machine. It’s the perfect travel gift for coffee lovers

Designed specifically to function with ground coffee. It is powered by a semi-automatic piston that protrudes from the device. Simply pump it over a short period of time to produce 8 bars of espresso, a shot of espresso just like one that a commercial espresso machine would make. No electricity is needed to power this device, it is totally portable!

Comes equipped with its own espresso cup, making it perfect as a travel companion or to bring it anywhere you like! No batteries required!

You can even adjust the strength to suit your personal taste preference. For example, press the piston as follows:
Press 13 times for ristretto (super concentrated)
Press 18 times for espresso (Italian concentrated)
Press 28 times for double espresso

Key Features:
- The open design makes regular cleaning quick and easy. It's hassle free
- The Coffee maker’s parts are made of quality stainless steel and food-grade polypropylene material.
- No batteries needed, it uses pump pressure to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly with ease
- Easy to use, semi-automatic piston for easy operation with simple steps
- Hand Operated, no need of batteries, electric power or energy source
- Perfect for work, camping, hiking & travel, now you can have high-quality espresso coffee anywhere

- Hand expresso coffee maker for travelling, climbing mountain, camping
- Products size: 223x 100 x 70 mm
- Pressure: 16 Par
- Material: Food grade PP
- Colour: black
- Pictures are for illustration purposes

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1 x Manual Press Mini Espresso Ground Coffee Make

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