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G - Amistar 12V Car Battery Intelligent Pulse Charger Buy Online in Zimbabwe

G - Amistar 12V Car Battery Intelligent Pulse Charger

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- Automatic Charging

- MCU system is applied. The whole charging process is monitored

- Multi-stage charging is automatically proceeded

- Automatically stops charging when the battery is full. You can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely without the risk of overcharging : Once the battery is full, the charger monitors the battery voltage and intermittent to float charging the battery if the capacity of your battery lower than our charger's preset digital

- Compact and convenient

- Small and light as we adopt the switch mode technology or we call switching power supply, this is different from Linear Power using in traditional charger

- More than 85% electric energy was transferred to battery chemical energy during charging process comparing with 40% of conventional charger

- The tech is suitable for all types of batteries (wet, maintenance free, VRLA, AGM, etc). Digital Display and More Protection

- Polarity Protection:Prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental reverse connection or short circuit, Overcharge Protection:never worry about overcharging as charger automatically stops when battery is full

- High Temperature Protection:If charger itself gets to high temperature, it will automatically lower down its temperature even stop working so that charger is well protected

- Maintain battery and recover it's capacity

- Pulse and reverse pulse charging technology is applied

- The charger generates pulse and reverse pulse to reduce battery impedance, gassing and temperature rise, restore the sulfate into liquid to recover battery capacity so that the charger can maintain battery and prolong its lifetime

- Customization

- We can change parameter to meet different applications

- Make charger specially for your battery

- CE and RoHS Certification

- We have CE and RoHS certification

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