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Car Fresheners Vent Fantasy Tropical Fruits Buy Online in Zimbabwe

Car Fresheners Vent Fantasy Tropical Fruits

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Power Air - Air Freshener - Tropical Fruits
Fantasy car vent clip perfume bottle, sure to give you a relaxed feeling, make your car more attractive and a pleasant entry to your vehicle.
Fantasy premium diffuser glass bottle with a dip in sticks to pull fragrance up. Clip-in your car vent instantly eliminate odour and deodorize your car, Fresh, trendy and innovative, the Power Air air freshener range was created using the latest in air freshener technology and natural perfumes to provide refreshing bursts of pleasant fragrance that lasts longer.
Unisex savage inspired fragrance - This beautiful unisex sweet scent takes its roots from a classic perfume.
Premium quality diffuser - This high-quality, car air freshener for men or women, contains ingredients sourced from all around the world to replicate the popular perfume of your choice
Made in the Czech Republic - All of our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and are cruelty-free, paraben-free and environmentally friendly.
Easy to use - Simply unscrew the lid and clip it to the holder, gentle shake and tip upside down for a couple of seconds to soak the inside of the stick.
Long-lasting- Whenever you feel the scent is no longer as strong as you’d like, simply repeat these steps to fill your car with your favourite scent!
One bottle offers up to 60 days of beautiful fragrance for your car.
You will get 3 pcs glass car air Freshener diffuser bottles included with the perfume.
The clip is very resistant and easy to use, by just attaching it to your car vent. It will stick just perfectly, without falling during bumps.
The clip is very strong, not easy to be broken, its surface is covered with a protective layer, reduce friction, is easy to install and remove, protect the air vent from scratches.
A convenient and simple car scents air freshener for you.

What's in the box
1 x Holder with diffuser sticks and clip.
3 x Bottles of filled fragrance.

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