Capri - 30cm Electric Frying Pan 1500W

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At Capri we focus on design, convenience and quality. The Capri Electric Frying Pan is no exception, it has been carefully designed to ensure that all the surfaces have smooth and gentle gradients to ensure an attractive and sleek appearance with an elegant gold finish. For convenience we have designed it to have a hexagonal griddle, this ensures that the surface is non-stick, while also allowing your food to sit on the raised honeycomb ridges preventing burning. Complimenting the non-stick surface, the Capri Electric Frying Pan cooks evenly across the entirety of the cooking surface and for your safety we have incorporated cool touch handles to prevent the risk of burns!

Saves time as the pan heats up quickly and the non-stick surface makes it easier to clean
Saves energy because the pan itself heats up directly as opposed to the conventional pan that requires the heat to be transferred from the stove to the pan.
Non-stick honeycomb surface means you don't need oil unless you want to add it for flavour

Can be used to fry, seer, braise or anything else you would use a pan or skillet for.
Electric frying pans are convenient because of the high barriers and lid there is no risk of messing when using oil or other liquids for cooking
Quality product with beautiful gold and black colour
Adjustable temperature control setting that goes up to a maximum of 210 C
Glass lid is made out of durable tempered glass with a safety valve
Cool touch handles to prevent burns
The non-stick honeycomb properties are easy to clean

What's in the box
1x 1500W Electric Frying Pan and Lid
1x Instruction Manual

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