$89Huawei Sport Bluetooth Headphones Lite

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HUAWEI Sport Bluetooth Headphones Lite
Product Code AM61
EAN Code 6901443192175

The AM61 Huawei Sport Bluetooth Headphones Lite is binaural stereo Bluetooth earphones that are comfortable, secure, and ideal for all your high-intensity exercises.
It can connect to two devices over Bluetooth simultaneously, allowing you to listen to music and make phone calls on the go, while providing you with crisp and robust sound quality over a range of frequencies. Smart voice prompts, and easy-to-use ergonomic design for a dynamic user’s experience, the AM61 is your ultimate lifestyle companion.

- Stereo audio with deep bass
- Magnetic design for easy portability
- In-ear design with shark-fin ear-tips
- 11h playtime, 10d standby

- Bluetooth version
- Bluetooth V4.1
- Supported Bluetooth protocols
A2DP 1.2 AVRCP v1.5 HFP1.6 HSP 1.1 SPP1.2

Charging port
Micro USB

Function button: Power-on/off; answering, rejecting, and hanging up phone calls; pairing and redialing; pausing and playing (during music playback)

Volume up/down buttons:
Increase or decrease the volume;
Returning to a previous track or skipping to the next track(during music playback);

Indicator light
Dual-color (red, blue)

Power supply
4.75V-5.25V / 1A

Charging time
? 2 hours



Battery life
? 11 hours

Standby time
? 240 hours
Effective frequency response bandwidth for music playback
20 Hz–20 KHz

Call quality
Refer to narrow-band communication standards TIA-810B for send /receive loudness rating, send /receive Idle channel noise, send /receive frequency response, send/receive distortion, and echo.

Noise reduction ANR:
Narrow band: white noise > 20 dB, babble noise > 15 dB, traffic noise > 10 dB, wind noise WNR < 75 dB




Net weight: Approx. 19.7 g

12 Months Limited Carry in Warranty

What's in the box
1 set AM61 Huawei Sport Bluetooth headphones Lite
1x Warranty card+ User guide
1x Micro USB charging cable
1 pair Translucent silicone earplugs (super large)

1 pair Translucent silicone earplugs (large)
1 pair Translucent silicone earplugs (medium)
1 pair Translucent silicone earplugs (small)
1x Carry case

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