POWERLAND Sport Shoe Running & Walking - Black

POWERLAND Sport Shoe Running & Walking - Black

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Powerland sports shoe running & walking black

Enjoy running and walking when being active indoors and outdoors with this most comfortable, lightweight power and sports shoe. This stylish powerland sports shoe is also ideal for dirt and stone paths, as it has a thick, strong base. The airy material allows for easy airflow and breathing to reduce sweating whilst the base of the shoe has a heavy-duty grip.

Colour: black
Available sizes: uk 6, uk 7, uk 8, uk 9, uk 10, uk 11, uk12

Short description:

Powerland sport footwear
Air-cushioned, high tech compression system for angle
Unisex (for men and women)
Very comfortable (well-cushioned)
Modern and stylish look
Off-road grip (trails and walking paths)
Suitable for many different sports such as tennis, basketball, cycling, soccer, skateboarding and many others.

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1 x Powerland Sport Shoe Running & Walking BLACK

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