$89 Electric Therapy Massager

$89 Electric Therapy Massager

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- 2-channel output: A and B can be used to treat multiple parts of the body simultaneously.
- You can choose any of the waist/foot joint Hombrp / button treatment modes)
- The product is specially designed to relieve pain in the muscles. The apparatus can produce a healing effect especially for patients who have pain in the neck, back, loin, and various joints. The exclusively designed program consists of different waves through an alternative composition, giving a feeling of massage with the hands. A smooth and gentle pulse can improve blood circulation and promote unblocked main and collateral channels and give a special effect in releasing fatigue. Use the kw305 pulse massager for shoulder stiffness. Paralysis of the peripheral nerves! Recovery from fatigue Improves blood circulation. Gradual release of muscle pain

-The pads have to be stick on the skin, then the device could work. If not, the device turns off in 2-3 seconds automatically, it is not a quality problem.
- Remember that the two pieces of the electrode are not electrically connected, to avoid short circuits after mutual adhesion.
- Due to the different sensitivity of the skin of various parts of the human body, the sensation and intensity of the two patches may vary;
- Electrode patch The two electrodes should not be placed too close together. The two electrodes should normally be placed on the same side of the body (the front and back of the chest should not be used).

- Voltage: DC 3V
- Priced operating time: 30 minutes

What's in the box
1 x Massager
1 x USB cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x English User Manual
2 x Connection cable (2-way and 4-way)
4 x Electrode pads(the new pads can be used about 50 times)

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