$79 Skin Nutrition - L-Glutathione 60 Capsules

$79 Skin Nutrition - L-Glutathione 60 Capsules

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Brightening, Anti- Aging and Anti- Melanogenic

Who should use it:
- Concerns with skin aging such as loss of elasticity, tone fine lines and wrinkles
- Over- production of melanin

What it is:
- Glutathione not only decreases pigmentation in your skin but has also been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity
- Research has shown that Glutathione works on the skin pigment production by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in producing melanin

Results to expect:
- Reduces melanogenesis
- Reduces melanin content
- Increases skin elasticity
- Reduces depth of wrinkle
- Increases skin hydration

Recomended usage:
- Take 2 capsules daily
- Take with or after meals
- Do not take on an empty stomach

What's in the box
1 x White Bottle 60 Capsules L-Glutathione

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