$72 Multichoice Smart LNB (LMX501)

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Multichoice Smart LNB (LMX501)

The DStv Smart LNB has been designed and manufactured for DStv installations where customers make use of their own satellite dish. It is not generally suitable for multiple unit dwellings (like complexes and apartments) or commercial customers. It combines the features of a DStv Switc installation and is recommended for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations.

- Model Number: LMX501
- Warranty: 12 months
- LNB Dimensions: 132.2mm x 107.8mm
- User Bands: 30
- UniCable Outputs: 3
- Universal Outputs: 1
- Input Frequency: 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
- Output Frequency: 750 - 2350 MHz
- L01: 9.75 GHz

- High band capable, ensuring that your installation can receive all signals.
- Simple and more cost effctive installation.
- 30 user bands, 3 unicable outputs and 1 universal output.
- Multiple decoders can be connected to the DStv Smart LNB without the need for a multiswitch/DStv Switch.
- Non used unicable parts must be terminated.

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