Life Force - NAD+ Booster, Anti-ageing (60's)

Life Force - NAD+ Booster, Anti-ageing (60's)

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Delays ageing and prevents age-related diseases by restoring healthy NAD+ energy levels.
- Heightens mental and physical vitality and promotes healthy longevity.
- Restores the bodies natural adaptogenic response.

Life Force is a powerful cell protecting and NAD+ boosting multi-supplement that slows down ageing. Life Force is a unique formula that leads the charge in the fight against ageing and age-associated chronic diseases and illnesses. Life Force is Vitalge’s premium adaptogenic and biohacking, health and longevity product promoting cellular rejuvenation. Life Force has anti-ageing, antioxidant and immune boosting benefits all working together to promote a healthy and long life. Life Force is a 100% natural, plant-based, whole herb botanical formula using only the most revered ancient adaptogenic herbs to keep you performing optimally.

Who Is Life Force For:
- People suffering from a loss of mental and physical vitality looking to regain their youthfulness.
- Those looking for a general longevity multi-supplement to improve longterm health & wellbeing.
- Anyone looking to regenerate their bodies at a cellular level by boosting their NAD+ levels.
- Individuals who want to prevent the signs of ageing and age-associated chronic diseases.
- People looking to boost their NAD levels to maintain a youthful body and clear engaged mind.
- Anyone wanting to inhibit the production of free radicals which lead to cell damage and ageing.
- Biohackers interested in taking a multi-supplement that improves their chances of longevity.

Life Force Action:
- Helps boost physical performance, male and female sexual health and builds stamina.
- Helps improve endurance and recovery, boosts energy and enhances vitality.
- Helps restore youthfulness. Fights the signs of ageing in skin, hair, vision, dental & gum health.
- Helps improve mood, anxiety, depression, reduces stress and has neuroprotective attributes.
- Helps enhance mental acuity and cognition, creativity, intuition and improves memory.
- Helps strengthen bones and ligaments and aids in muscle strength, recovery and joint pain.
- Helps protect the respiratory system and healthy cardio vascular and heart function.
- Helps provide an improved immune system, is immune modulating and gives immune support.
- Helps reduce inflammation and oxidation, improves cell health and promotes healthy longevity.

Life Force Ingredients:
- Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)
- Ginkgo Biloba
- Ashwagandha
- Astragalus
- Gotu Kola
- Rhodiola
- Reishi

Life Force Dosage:

- 2 tablets daily in the morning or as prescribed by your Healthcare professional.

What's in the box
- White, Recyclable, HDPE screw-top container
- Size 00 Vegan Capsules

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