$69 GPS Tracker Watch_Q50 Blue

$69 GPS Tracker Watch_Q50 Blue

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Stay Connected and track location and movement of the person wearing the watch.
The watch uses GPS and Location Based Services

Functions of the watch includes:

*Phone app for interacting with smartwatch wearer
*Find location (by clicking on the map)
*SOS function (receive a call from the watch with talking capability)
*Up to 10 contacts can be set up
*Security zone setting. (Allow for a secure zone and if movement is outside of the zone alarm will be raised)
*Normal chat function
*Alarm should the watch be removed.
*Low Power alarm (please charge the watch)
* Find watch function from the app
* Includes step counter
*Remote switch off function.

Basic Set up: (See manual included)
Summary of set up of the watch with your smartphone:
*Small screwdriver included to open the back cover.
*insert a valid sim card of your choice, by removing the battery.
* Ensure data is loaded onto the card to allow communication
*Download the app by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone
*Scan the QR code on the back cover, from the application
*Set up the account details
*Switch on the watch.

See the instruction manual for detailed information.

Accuracy of tracking is dependent on sim card coverage and APN (Access Point Name) of your smartphone.

What's in the box
1 x Blue Tracker wrist watch
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Small Screwdriver and screws
1 x Instruction manual (English)

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