$69 Floor Spray Mop with 2 Mop Heads Window Cleaner & Scraper

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Product features
- On-board water tank: Our oh-so-clever spray mop carries its own supply of water in the easily refillable on-board canister, so
there are no heavy buckets (especially handy if you’re only doing a quick mopping task) or soaking wet floors to contend with.
Just fill up the 500ml water, if desired add a little of your preferred cleaning solution, attach the microfibre cleaning pad and
you’re all set; just squeeze the trigger to spray a fine mist of cleaning solution, then glide the mop over the floor to shift dirt
and reveal shiny surfaces.
- Easy to use: With a straightforward trigger-spray operation, you can use as much or as little water or cleaning solution as you
need, while the flat swivel head allows you to easily get around corners and into awkward gaps, such as behind the toilet.
Ideal for cleaning stone, tile and wood floors, it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and can be used one-handed, so you
can have your other hand free to move things out of your way while mopping.
- Microfibre cleaning pad: The flat microfibre pad picks up dirt, dust and liquid while gently scrubbing and polishing as you go
along, and there’s no need for rinsing or wringing out. It’s also machine-washable for easy cleaning, meaning you can say
goodbye to smelly traditional mop heads.
- Efficient, safer cleaning: The spray mechanism allows you to produce a fine spray, meaning you use less water than
conventional mops. This makes the whole cleaning process quicker and safer as you don’t end up with slippery, sodden floors
that take ages to dry, meaning you can finish the job in half the time and get on with other things.
- Cleans floors and windows
- Three in one: Spray, wipe and scrape with one mop
- Suitable to clean window, mirror, tile, wooden floor, bathroom tile, wash basin, etc..
- Scientific design sucker with gravity ball for 360 degrees cleaning
- Cold and heat resistant silica gel scraper bar
- Updated model water pump with overstriking spring, shorter jet, slender spray and durable pump
- Wet & Dry use

Product specifications
- Product size: 38.5 X 12 X 125CM
- Bottle Capacity: 500ML
- Material: Foldable aluminium alloy handle + ABS + PP + HDPE + microfiber
- Can use rag, towel, T-shirt...as mop cloth
- with Window Cleaner & multi-functional scraper

What's in the box
1 Floor Spray Mop
2 Mop Heads
1 Scrapper

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