$65 Thrive Naturally Capsules - Hoodia

$65 Thrive Naturally Capsules - Hoodia

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3 month supply of Thrive Naturally Capsules - Hoodia. Hoodia gordonii, also known as Xhoba, Bushman's Hat or simply Hoodia, is a succulent plant from the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. Hoodia is believed to aid in weight loss. Used for thousands of years by the San people of South Africa, hoodia had been touted as a safe & effective appetite suppressant since the early 2000s. It is also known traditionally to bring strength, focus, energy & wellbeing, & has a history of use in treating indigestion & small infections.

Benefits include:
- Assists with weight loss
- Appetite suppressant
- Treats indigestion
- Antiseptic
- Increases energy
- Promotes focus

Suggested dosage (for adults & children over 12): 1 capsule, twice a day, with a glass of water.

Each capsule contains: Powdered Hoodia 500mg

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3 bottles of Thrive Naturally Capsules - Hoodia

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