$69 First Steps Baby Walker

$69 First Steps Baby Walker

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Wooden First Steps Baby Walker RGS 5177Smartplay Baby Walker is designed to help your child take his/her first step and develop essential motor skills. This quality wooden walker is a fun push toy that includes a storage compartment along with a set of blocks. The uprights connecting the handle to the body of the walker are well placed making it stable and less prone to tipping. The weight of the blocks in the tray also assist with stability. The body of the tray has two hand holes so an adult can easily pick the walker up and move it to another location. The colourful and natural wooden building blocks help develop children’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, sorting, colour recognition, gross and fine motor skills, creativity, social skills and problem solving.

- Size: 39cm x 26cm x 45cm
- Suitable Age: 12 months and older

What's in the box
Large Wooden Baby Walker
40 x Colourful, natural wooden block

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