$65 Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides - Type1, Multi (310gr)

$65 Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides - Type1, Multi (310gr)

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Retain your healthy skin structure, suppleness and elasticity, strong healthy nails and shiny thick hair as you age. Enjoy the additional benefits of retained muscle tone, improved joint mobility, denser bone mass and restored gut health. Your body produces collagen naturally, but the production gradually declines from age 25. Using Vitalge’s Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides as a protein supplement you can ensure optimal vitality of your skin, nails, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones and joints and offset the slowdown in your collagen production, improve exercise recovery and endurance. Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides is perfect for those looking for a convenient, easily consumed and innovatively delivered smart-health supplement that can fit in with your daily routine.

Who is Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides For:
- People looking to counter the effects of ageing by improving the collagen structure of their skin, hair, nails, cartilage, bones and joints from within.
- Individuals wanting to stay active as long as possible and to age as gracefully as possible.
- Anyone looking to support optimal outwardly, joint and bone health for an active lifestyle.
- People wanting to accelerate exercise recovery, protect connective tissue and prevent injuries.
- Those who want to keep up their endurance, mobility and maintain physical well-being.
- Anyone looking to retain gut health, repair their organs & strengthen their vascular system.

Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides Action:
- Decreases protein fragmentation and promotes the natural synthesis of collagen cells.
- Strengthens skin, hair, and nails, thickens, nourishes and feeds hair.
- Skin hydrating and toning, wrinkle reduction and anti-ageing.
- Joint repair and rebuilding, prevents bone loss and promotes bone reformation.
- Lean muscle gain, improved muscle tone, muscle recovery and improved bone density.
- Promotes restful sleep, helps govern an optimal metabolism and aids detoxification.

Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides Ingredients:
- 100% pure Type1 Hydrolyzed Bovine and Marine Collagen Peptides (the same collagen as that found in human nails, hair and skin, muscles, bones and ligaments).
- High purity natural bioactive product containing more than 97% protein.
- Contains 18 amino-acids including the BCAA’s: Glutamine, Histidine; Valine and Leucine.
- No antibiotics or hormones, No additives or preservatives, Sugar free
- Gluten free, Diary free, Halaal, Kosher (at source)

Anti-ageing Collagen Peptides Dosage:
- 1 tablespoon/Day (+/-10g) in the morning with your coffee, cereal or smoothie

What's in the box
- White, Recyclable, HDPE screw-top container
- Off-White powder, Neutral taste and odour

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