Aerobic Stepping Board

Aerobic Stepping Board

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NON-SLIP - The Aerobic Step is designed with a non-slip reinforced platform. Rugged construction but easy and light to carry.

LOW IMPACT - Ideal for low impact fat burning workouts in the gym or at the comfort of your home. 2 Heights available are 10cm, 20cm

CORE WORKOUT - Aerobic steppers can help improve leg strength as the step up and down action puts stress on the bones and muscles that help them grow stronger and more flexible. Your core also engages as you step up and down, making it more stable.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Compact and light. You can also adjust the height for a more intense session with the aerobic step box to aid in your cardiovascular workout. Step up your workout! Great for fat burning, toning, core stability, improving cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, boosting stamina, co-ordination and balance. Also ideal for rehabilitation exercises.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Aerobic stepper is a great way to perform cardio exercises and can also help improve blood circulation, allowing muscles to receive more oxygen. If you are just starting out, you can use the stepper as a low impact exercise tool. More advanced users can add weights and resistance to their routine to increase the intensity.

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The complete set for beginners and professionals Whether as a freshman or an experienced professional athlete. The aerobics step complete set has everything. Whether for therapeutic use after surgery, the daily morning routine or for a hard workout. The steps can always be used. Whether outdoors or in the apartment, on the balcony or in the basement. Fast training is possible anytime, anywhere. 2-way adjustable height The height of the aerobic boards can be quickly adjusted using the 'steps'. The height can be changed between 10 and 20 cm within seconds. Different exercises and different intensive training can be carried out.

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