$59 SAMSUNG Smart TV Remote BN59-01180A

$59 SAMSUNG Smart TV Remote BN59-01180A

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Genuine Samsung Television Replacement Part. BN59-01180A

Compatible with the following models of TV's and displays:

BE43R, BE49R, DB10D, DB10E, DB22D, DB32D, DB32E, DB40D, DB40E, DB43J, DB48D, DB48E, DB49J, DB55D, DB55E, DC32E, DC40E, DC43J, DC48E, DC49H, DC49J, DC55E, DH40D, DH40E, DH48D, DH48E, DH55D, DH55E, DM32D, DM32E, DM40D, DM40E, DM48D, DM48E, DM55D, DM55E, DM65D, DM65E, DM75D, DM75E, DM82D, DM82E, DS32D, DS40D, DS48D, DS55D, EB40D, ED65E, ED75E, EM65E, EM75E, ML32E, ML55E, OH24E, OH46D, OH46F, OH55D, OH55F, OH75F, OH85F, OH85N, OM24E, OM32H, OM46D, OM46F, OM46N, OM55D, OM55F, OM55N, OM75D, OM75R, PH43F, PH49F, PH55F, PM32F, PM43F, PM43H, PM49F, PM49H, PM55F, PM55H, QB13R, QB43N, QB43R, QB49N, QB49R, QB50R, QB55N, QB55R, QB65H, QB65N, QB65R, QB75H, QB75N, QB75R, QB85R, QB98R, QE43T, QE50T, QE55T, QE65T, QE70T, QE75T, QE82R, QE82T, QH43R, QH49R, QH55H, QH55R, QH65H, QH65R, QH75R, QM105D, QM32R, QM43N, QM43R, QM49F, QM49H, QM49R, QM55F, QM55H, QM55N, QM55R, QM65F, QM65H, QM65N, QM65R, QM75F, QM75N, QM75R, QM85D, QM85F, QM85N, QM85R, QM98F, QM98N, QP82R, QP98R, RM40D, RM48D, SH37F, UD46D, UD46E, UD55E, UE46D, UE55D, UH46F, UH46N, UH55F, UM46N, UM55H, VH55R, VM46R

Uses 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

What's in the box
1 x Remote Control

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