$55 My Wellness - Natures Casein Powder - Tasty & Creamy Chai - 880g

$55 My Wellness - Natures Casein Powder - Tasty & Creamy Chai - 880g

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete, My Wellness has something that will fit right into your lifestyle!

My Wellness is committed to combining nature and science together to provide effective products that support a healthy lifestyle. Our wellness range caters mainly to the clean-eating lifestyle: we don’t use any artificial additives, flavours, colourants or harmful chemicals!

This Nature's Casein Protein is the perfect addition to your muscle building and repair regime. It is a great snack to enjoy before bed time as it feeds your muscles while you sleep!

Key Features:
- Colostrum and GABBA enriched
- 8 hour sustained release
- Enhanced with superfoods
- Naturally gluten free

- Casein (digesting protein)
- GABBA (assists nervous system & growth hormone production)
- Colostrum (for development and growth)

- Add 2 level scoops to (300ml) water or skim milk
- Consume 20 minutes before going to sleep

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880g Casein Powder

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