Cervical Vertebra Massager

Cervical Vertebra Massager

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Massager for the whole body such as the back, shoulder, abdomen, waist, hip, leg.
It is portable and easy to use.
- Helps relieve fatigue, relax muscles, improve blood circulation and burn fat, unlike existing general massage devices that only rub the outside of the muscles.
The massager is used to stimulating the inside of the muscles as well, to improve blood circulation effectively for rapid recovery from fatigue

Several modes and intensity levels: there are different intensity levels for each mode (scratching, massage, taping, acupuncture, etc)
Users can choose different intensities according to individual needs.
There are 5 modes and 10 intensities available to help muscle growth and fat burning.
You can select an appropriate model at a comfortable intensity level to train your muscles.
The massager is excellent in its convenience and portability.
Power supply: 2* AAA battery
Use mode: A-F (6 modes)
Frequency: 1-100Hz
Running time: 12 minutes
Output current: Max 9.8mA
Massage parts: neck/back/waist hips/legs etc.

- Rotate the host with the gel patch.
- Discover the transparent film on the gel patch.
- Attach the instrument to the area where you need to massage.
- Press the 'ON / INC' button to turn it on, the light is always on, press the 'on / INC' button again to start, the light flashes.
- Press the program button to select the desired mode.
- Adjust to the massage intensity that suits you. Continue to press 'ON / INC' to increase the intensity and 'OFF / DEL' to decrease the intensity.

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