$519 Verimark - Maxxus V Trainer

$519 Verimark - Maxxus V Trainer

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Lose weight and get into great shape in as little as 10 minutes a day!

The Maxxus V-Trainer is ideal for all fitness levels & age groups. It is a full-body workout. A university study has proven that exercising on the Maxxus increases muscle activation up to 5 times thus accelerating weight loss. Now comes complete with a guidance system.

- Accelerates weight loss
- Full body workout
- Improves general fitness
- Improves muscle strength
- Relieves muscle pain
- Increases circulation
- Improves flexibility
- Improves balance and mobility
- Improves joint range of motion
- Reduces the appearance of cellulite
- Improves metabolic rate
- Increases bone density
- Improves body shape
- Assists in fat burning
- Improves hormone levels
- Assists in body rehabilitation

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