$29 Red Light Up LED Shoelaces

$29 Red Light Up LED Shoelaces

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8th Generation
Nylon shoelaces with flashing LEDs for Casual and Sport Shoes
They are water-resistant and perfect for multipurpose use. Ideal for creating a party on your feet. Be lit at events! Each lace is powered by small LEDs that project light through a shoelace creating an awesome, attention-grabbing glow or flash in low-light settings.

Ultra bright and eye-catching especially ideal for night
Suitable for almost all shoes with shoelaces such as board shoes roller skates sneakers etc.
Powered by Li-Ion battery cell for each control box (4 x batteries included = CR2032)
3 light modes: long light fast flash, slow flash, and stable mode
Could last for over 30 hours in still mode, the slow flashing mode could continue for 60-80 hours depending on the quality of the battery.
Length: 113cms Unisex

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1 x Red Light Up LED Shoelaces

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