$49 GetUp Ashtanga Deep Tissue Foam Roller - Black - Blue

$49 GetUp Ashtanga Deep Tissue Foam Roller - Black - Blue

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GetUp Ashtanga Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Trigger point bumps create targeted pressure to release tightness from your muscles. Using a trigger point roller after intense training improves recovery time and flexibility by releasing muscle tightness. Perfect for all fitness levels. Stretching and massaging muscles is what the deep tissue foam roller is all about. This is great for Pilates core abdominal, back stabilization, muscle re-education and flexibility.

- Trigger point roller gets deeper into the muscle, targeting more precisely to the knots. You can target even the smallest muscles, which can cause the trickiest problems in your physique
- After training it is important to release muscle tightness, get the blood flowing and remove lactic acids from your muscles, to speed up your recovery
- Non-slip texture
- Lightweight compact design for easy storage and travel

- Material: PP
- Dimensions: 31.5cm x 13cm x 13cm
- Weight: 0.5kg
- : 6 Months

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x 1 Ashtanga Deep Tissue Foam Roller

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