$49 Caffenu Group Head Cleaning Brush for Espresso Coffee Machines

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The perfect espresso comes from a clean and well-maintained coffee machine. One of the many components that need thorough cleaning is the group head(s), shower screen and seal. Old coffee residues, oils, and grounds should be removed on a regular basis.

The Caffenu Cleaning Brush for Espresso Machine Group Heads is a multifunctional tool designed with an ergonomic handle and unique water deflector fins which keep your hand safe from hot water while cleaning your group head, shower screen spout, and group seal. It also has an integrated measuring spoon for easy and convenient dosing of cleaning powder.

- Strong sturdy design
- Ergonomic shape for ease of cleaning
- Deflector Fin for protecting hands from hot water
- Strong Durable Nylon Bristles
- Scoop for Dosing [2 scoops = one dose (3g)]

Suitable for:
- All Espresso Machines with Group Heads

What's in the box
1x Group Head Cleaning Brush

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