$48 Pet Wooden Hanging Wild Bird Feeder - Blue

$48 Pet Wooden Hanging Wild Bird Feeder - Blue

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- The pavilion made of natural wood can see the texture of the wood on the surface, which is natural and environmentally friendly, exuding a taste of nature.
- Polished carefully, but not brittle, the bottom is stable and not easy to deform.
- Wood has the unique advantages of resistance to decay, acid, and alkali, and it is not easy to wear, so it can be used with confidence.
- Wood has fine rays and a silky luster after polishing. The material is soft and tasteless.
- Eye-catching and attractive.
- A small great wooden birdhouse with panes.

How to place:
- It is most effective to place it after snowing.
- Choose grass and green bushes from above, stand up to about 1 meter, and can also be fixed on the
- Try to choose the edge of the woods, do not place deep in the woods, do not place them densely, one about 30 meters
- It should be noted that the birds may be vigilant at first and do not dare to come and eat. Avoid disturbing them
- It is recommended to replenish the food once a week or so. Heavy snow, you should promptly clean up the snow covering the food in the trough.
- Bird Feed Dispenser only

Material: Wood
Size: app.16x19cm/6.30x7.48in
Optional Color: Blue, Pink

What's in the box
1 x Pet Wooden Hanging Wild Bird Feeder

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