$45 PSNLifestyle Jet Fuel Race Ready Nougat Bars - Variety Box - 12 Each

$45 PSNLifestyle Jet Fuel Race Ready Nougat Bars - Variety Box - 12 Each

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A power-packed bar that contains a diverse combination of superior actives, fast and slow-release carbohydrates plus optimal protein, to ensure a complete and consistent supply of fuel. Instant and sustained energy can be expected when consuming this world-class energy bar, resulting in maximum physical performance. Packed with a 21% protein content, balanced between fast and slow-release, you can rely on a sustained release of amino acids over a longer period of time. World acclaimed Palatinose™ provides the desired carbohydrate energy for physical activity in a more steady way whilst promoting a higher contribution of fat oxidation in energy metabolism than commonly used readily available carbohydrates. A higher level of fat burning is of particular interest in endurance activity where it may spare carbohydrate sources (glycogen) for enhanced endurance, thus making jet fuel the perfect sprint power, focus and endurance race ready nougat bar.

Flavours Include:
Galactic Bubblegum (infused with Smarties) and Speckled Eggs (infused with Speckled Eggs)

12 x 50g Bars = Net Wt 600g

Servings Per Box:
12 Servings

Quick Facts:
220 Calories
10.4g Protein
30.8g Carbohydrates
6.2g Fat

Scientifically dosed with Echinacea, Taurine, Blueberry, Guarana, Schisandra, Caffeine and Himalayan Salt for the ultimate athletic performance.
High in Protein, experience the Glycogen surge with added Electrolytes and 20 Amino Acids

What's in the box
12 x 50g Jet Fuel Race Ready Nougat Bars Bars

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