$42 Longrich Snake Oil (Gel & Treatment Serum) - 2 Packs

$42 Longrich Snake Oil (Gel & Treatment Serum) - 2 Packs

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This package includes:
- Longrich Snake Treatment Serum 120ml
- Longrich Snake Oil Gel 80ml

Longrich Snake Oil
The benefits of snake oil are numerous and here are a few:
- It moisturize and brighten the skin
- It helps treat and control stretch marks
- It treats varicose veins, clear spots, skin blemishes, keloids, and all sorts of scars giving you freshener looking, vibrant and smooth skin
- It helps reduce inflammation, treats arthritis, joint pains, and bursitis...
- It helps promote hair growth and removes dandruff
Traditionally, the Chinese have used snake oil for the treatment of bursitis, rheumatoid, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.....
If you have scars, stretch marks, arthritis, or any aforementioned skin or joint problems,
Then you need Longrich snake oil.

What's in the box
Longrich Snake Treatment Serun (120ml)
Longrich Snake Oil Gel (80ml)

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