$42 Hand Crank Manual Meat

$42 Hand Crank Manual Meat

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Ideal for meats, beans, nuts and vegetables
The product is more than a meat grinder, it has multiple functions, really useful for your kitchen task
Most of the grinder parts are concealed, so it is easy to use and clean, do not bother to clean the place it is difficult to achieve.
And do not bother changing it from grinding to grinding meat to vegetables or other purposes.
This is a great addition to kitchen tools, portable, easy to use and time-saving for quick baking.
The meat grinder is used to cook meat or minced meat fish, grinding products, roasting dough profile.

Features 5 pasta attachments ; Penne , Tagliatelle ,Fusilli/Spiral , Rigatoni and Spaghetti

What's in the box
1 x Multifunctional Mince Grinder / Vegetable cutter
1 x Slice Blade
1 x Fine Slice Blade
1 x Coarse Slice Blade
4 x mince shredders
1 x small funnel

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