$34 SWEETLY - Chocolate Protein Shake 450g

$34 SWEETLY - Chocolate Protein Shake 450g

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Boost your family’s daily nutritional needs by giving them an incredibly delicious protein shake, that’s perfect for on-the-go adults and the busiest of children! SWEETLY Protein Shakes are a completely healthy and delicious snack alternative that complements a balanced diet, with the addition of vital and essential protein, vitamins and minerals. SWEETLY Chocolate Protein Shake is a delicious and nutritious high protein drink, enriched with 15 vitamins and minerals.

It contains Whey Protein Isolate which provides a complete amino acid profile. SWEETLY Chocolate Protein Shake also includes UTZ certified Cocoa Powder for a rich and authentic chocolate flavour. It has been specially formulated with SWEETLY Sugar Substitute, giving you all the goodness without regular sugar. It’s easy to prepare, simply shake up with 250 ml of your favourite milk and enjoy!

SWEETLY Chocolate Protein Shake Powder is perfect for the whole family. It’s a healthy, convenient, on-the-go, meal or snack alternative which is perfect as a pre or post-workout drink, at your office desk sustenance or healthy lunch bag addition for children.

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