Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil, 1000mg Soft Gels (90’s)

Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil, 1000mg Soft Gels (90’s)

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Who Is Omega-3 For:
- Anyone leading a healthy lifestyle who wants to protect their bodies from future health risks.
- People looking for a cardio protective health supplement to help promote heart health.
- Individuals who want to manage their triglyceride levels, bad cholesterol or high blood pressure.
- Those looking to improve their eye (Retinal) health and slow down 'Macular Degeneration”.
- Anyone looking to improving their overall joint muscle and/or bone health and conditioning.
- Individuals looking to improve their sleep quality and/or looking to trigger Melatonin production.
- People looking to support their skin, helping to repair any damaged membranes, cells or tissue.
- Parents looking to help their children improve their attention, memory, learning and sleep.
- People who eat no fish at all or do not like the taste of fish looking to supplement with a fish oil.

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