$39 Hot Waist Belt

$39 Hot Waist Belt

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The hot waist shaper is an incredible fitness wear and a perfect component to add during your training. The vest is made from a high-quality elastic neoprene fabric that preserves heat in your body and promotes sweating during a workout.

The Hot Waist Shaper:
- Speeds natural fat burn and weight loss
- Helps your body sweat out the extra fat and flatten your tummy
- Helps to slim your waist by giving it a curvier look and more definition
- Maximizes the effectiveness of your workout and speeds calorie burn
- Helps with posture and supports lower back
- Tightens post-partum lose belly

Directions: Apply @Betul_fit Fat Reduction Gel by your mid-section before using the waist shaper. After usage, wipe the sweat with a wet cloth and dry it in shade. Do not soak it in water. Do not dry it in heat. Do not wear it for longer than 4 hours.

Note: You can either wear it while exercising or while performing daily tasks at home.

Size: To ensure accurate sizing please measure your waist across your navel in inches or cm, once you have your measurement, submit your measurement by clicking here.

Disclaimer: This product is not harmful to your skin or to your health. Although it can cause overheating and dehydration. Please seek further advice from your healthcare provider before purchasing this product. Please note Betul_fit is not responsible for the wear and tear of this product.

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