$39 GetUp All Over Print Foam Roller

$39 GetUp All Over Print Foam Roller

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GetUp All Over Print Foam Roller

Whether you are passionate about Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Boxing, MMA, or Bodybuilding, we understand that being able to maximize your performance during the sport you love is of utmost importance. Having the ability to move freely without pain or restriction is crucial for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Foam rollers are a very versatile tool. They can be used in multiple ways from sports massage and muscle rehabilitation, pre, and post-workout warm-up and cool-downs, to a full-body workout

- Sleek design and easy to clean
- Minimize the risk of injury and assists with injury rehabilitation
- Reduces post-workout soreness and enhance recovery
- The dense, bumpy, textured design simulates the pressure applied during massage therapy, helping to address trigger points and muscular soreness throughout the body more effectively than smooth foam rollers are often able to.

- Material: PP
- Dimension: 33cm x 14cm x 14cm
- : 6 Months

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