$34 Bellabaci Deep Relax Essential Oil Concentrate - 15ml

$34 Bellabaci Deep Relax Essential Oil Concentrate - 15ml

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Bellabaci Deep Relax Essential Oil Concentrate - 15ml

Bellabaci bring you deep relaxation in a bottle. This genie has been designed to support and uplift your emotional state and improve depressive feelings due to stress. The blend of essential oils which includes St John's Wort, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime, Patchouli and Jasmin essential oil work as an aromatherapy treatment to stimulate your senses and uplift your entire state of being. Bellabaci have created this product to make homeopathic aromatherapy more accessible, using the finest natural ingredients grown ethically without any pesticides and the final product contains no added colorants or preservatives, just high levels of active ingredients. The unique combination of organic essential oils and homeopathic ingredients synergise to create powerful, natural pure energy treatment complexes that enhance & rebalance health and well-being.

- Relieves depression and emotional upsets?
- Assists with acute sensations and fears as seen during ?ight travel or shock
- Enhances and balances the libido (aphrodisiac)
- Restores a sense of positivity and cheerfulness
- Fast acting for acute and chronic conditions
- Natural remedy is processed by the body with a healthier outcome, as the ingredients contain no synthetic compounds
- Contains a high level of active ingredients with no added colorants, preservatives or mineral oil

Directions for use:
- Add 2 drops to supercharge your moisturizer
- Add 2-5 drops to your bath
- Use as a pulse point treatment by applying 1 drop to your wrists
- Use as a natural perfume (preferably where it won't be exposed to the sun)

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