$29 Endurade Energy - Candy Cruise - 630ml x 12

$29 Endurade Energy - Candy Cruise - 630ml x 12

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Great teasting and sugar free, ENDURADE ENERGY is an energy drink moderatly high in caffeine, low in calories and best enjoyed ice-cold during mental or physical exertion. All the power, none of the sugar.

All the energy. Bigger hydration.,

ENERGY+ is the advanced ENDURADE energy formula our sports focused team has included into ENDURADE ENERGY.
ENDURADE ENERGY contains stimulant compounds and is marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation or “energy” which lead to increased cognitive function and reaction speeds.

- Water makes up 70% of the planet
- Supplied in a shipping box
- White sports caps, chrome shrink label with full colour print
- Supplying us with our most vital resource, without it there is no life
- Supplied in a die-cut shipping and merchandising box, printed full colour
- But you're an athlete and you need something that hydrates better than water!
- It flows through your city, the copper and steel pipes like veins and arteries that cross your body
- In this water world, everybody's got their source from springs and glaciers to straight outta yo city faucet
- For endurade sport our sports focused team has pulled zero punches, sourcing triple filtered and uv treated water
- Retaining all the naturally occurring minerals, loading it with electrolytes and sweetening it sugar free with refreshing flavours

What's in the box
12 x Clear 630ML containers

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