$35 Addis 26 Litre Cooler Box Coolcat - Blue Addis

$35 Addis 26 Litre Cooler Box Coolcat - Blue Addis

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Addis 26 Litre Cooler Box Coolcat - Blue.

The Addis Cool Cat Cooler Box has a capacity of 26 litres and it is used for keeping food and drinks cold. It can hold 2 litre cold drink bottles upright and it is the perfect companion when going for braaing and camping trips.

- Lightweight: This lightweight cooler box from Addis, is well suited to travelling and it has a comfortable carry handle
- Insulated Interior: Using high-tech materials, it has insulated walls to keep the edible contents uninfected and non-stale, despite the scorching sun outside
- Ice Box Technology: The ice box technology, used in the cooler box, ensures that the drinks and water, stays ice cold ready to quench the thirst when fishing, driving, camping, hiking, trekking and picnicking etc.
- Convenient: It has space on the inside of the lid, for placing ice blocks and this helps to enhance its cooling abilities, it conveniently sized, making it easy to pack and fit it perfectly well into the small hatchback boot of any car
- Strong and Long Lasting: It can be used for a number of years, without any loss in its insulating power and it has a strong exterior, which cannot be scratched or damaged easily
- Boat Bung Drain Plug: The cooler box has an easy to use plug, which ensures easy cleaning and draining of any left over water, formed from the melting of the ice, one can drain off all the water, without losing any of the ice and it is very easy to top up with more ice
- Full length Hinge: The lid is attached to the cooler box, by a full length hinge which does not over extend

- Dimensions: 400mm x 285mm x 414mm
- Weight: 2.04kg
- Material: Plastic
- Capacity: 26L
- Colour: Blue

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