$24 Crampease Nite Capsules 30

$24 Crampease Nite Capsules 30

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Prevention of muscular cramps for sports people and the elderly. CrampEase Nite assists in relieving night time muscle cramps and the associated pain. CrampEase Nite is specifically formulated for night time use as the energisers have been removed (L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine and L-Aspartic Acid) and replaced with a natural relaxant (Chamomile) to assist with muscle comfort while sleeping. ____________________________________ Dosage and directions for use: For Night Time Muscle Cramps: Prevention dose - Take 2 capsules at night after dinner. _________________________________________ Safe for Diabetics. CrampEase Nite Capsules - 30's & 90's Composition: Per 2 capsules Magnesium Elemental 148mg Magnesium Oxide 150mg Magnesium Citrate 160mg Magnesium Gluconate 50mg Di-Sodium Phosphate 180mg Calcium Gluconate 75mg Di-Potassium Phosphate 60mg Vitamin B6 10mg Chamomile Powder 200mg Vitamin D3 32mg

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