$29 Berlinger Haus Dough Hook Attachment for Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer

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Simplify and Enjoy Kneading with the Berlinger Haus Stainless Steel Dough Hook!

Much easier than kneading by hand?made your life so easy when making bread.

The coated C dough hook cleans up easily, dough doesn't stick to it. no aluminum touches your food.

Anti-oxidation.Dishwasher safe but would suggest to Hand Wash Only to extend the service time.

no metal on metal scraping sounds when kneading

Sturdy metal construction;Solid construction, very sturdy when turning large loafs of dough,it really holds up even with the thickest batter.

Mixing and kneading dough quickly and perfectly, release your hands from kneading.

Mixing and kneading bread dough, pizza dough, pasta dough, yeast dough, noodle dough, cookie dough, pie dough etc.

A must have for home and restaurant Kitchens

Compartible with all Berlinger Haus Kitchen Machines

What's in the box
1 x Dough Hook

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