$14 OliilO - Macadamia Nut Butter - 250g

$14 OliilO - Macadamia Nut Butter - 250g

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Our Macadamia Butter is made by filtering the solid pieces out of the oils of Macadamia nuts after they have been crushed and that’s how we get the smoothest and best nutty taste butters and the cream of the crop as we'd like to call it.

Macadamia nuts are the perfect healthy alternative to nut butters.

Unlike most nuts, macadamias are slightly alkaline and consist of 80% MonoUnsaturated fats, which reduce cholesterol levels and help clean arteries.
Macadamias lower triglycerides levels, and help to reduce coronary disease.

The high good fat content of Macadamia butter provides prolonged energy and reduces appetite while the palmitoleic acid increases fat metabolism which in turn reduces fat storage.

Macadamia nuts are a delicious source of calcium, potassium, dietary fiber and antioxidants. The low sodium levels with palmitoleic acid makes macadamias a food for beauty, giving your hair and nails a healthy look and skin a nourished glow.

High in phosphorus and magnesium which helps to re-mineralise your teeth and bones.
Macadamias contain copper, B1, magnesium, and manganese, which helps to make healthy neurotransmitters. An all-natural energy from healthy fats, also good for Low Carb, Paleo and Keto diets.

- Use as a spread on toast, in your daily health smoothie to add that creamy taste or simply enjoy a spoonful of goodness!
- It’s also soo good over a fruit salad.

Store in a cool, dark place.

- Pressed Macadamia Nuts Only
- No Added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives

Allergen: Tree Nuts & Traces of Soya.

The above information does not constitute to be health advice.

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