$25 Kinesiology Tape Dream K Tribe - Black/White - 5cm x 2m

$25 Kinesiology Tape Dream K Tribe - Black/White - 5cm x 2m

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This Kinesiology Tape boasts a unique tribal design. Kino tape or Kinesiology Tape is often used for Kinesiology Therapy gently raising the skin from the surface of the muscle allowing better blood and oxygen flow to aid in the healing process for muscles. It facilitates muscle rehabilitation and support whilst in motion. This Kinesiology Tape is Hypo-allergenic.
- 97% Cotton
- 3% Spandex
- Latex Free
- Acrylic Adhesive

Suitable For:
- Individual and professional use
- To increase blood and oxygen flow to affected area

- Tape Dimensions: 50mm x 2m

How to apply:
- Clean the skin with soap and water and allow to dry
- Apply as directed
- Once applied, rub tape to activate the glue (increases adhesive property)
- Tape should be applied 1 hour prior to activity or shower
- The Kino Tape can stay on for 3-4 days

What's in the box
1 Roll of Tape 5cmx2m

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