$19 Health Connection Wholefoods Xylitol - 500g

$19 Health Connection Wholefoods Xylitol - 500g

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These xylitol crystals can be used as a sugar substitute. They are similar in sweetness to sugar but contain 41% less energy (50 kJ per 5 g xylitol vs 85 kJ per 5 g sugar).

Usage suggestions:
Use as a sweetener in drinks, cereals, cooking and baking. This product does not contain genetically modified organisms.Warnings: Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Xylitol can be dangerous for animals, especially dogs.

Packaging deatils:
- Weight/volume: 250g
- Kosher stamp: Yes
- Dimensions: 90mm x 150mm x 210mm

Xylitol. This product is packed in a warehouse where peanuts and treenuts are present.

Typical nutritional information (as packed): Per 100g per single serving
- Energy (kJ) 1 003

Storage instructions:
- Store in a cool, dry place
- After opening, keep in an airtight container

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