$19 Eat Naked Natural Peanut Butter Sachets

$19 Eat Naked Natural Peanut Butter Sachets

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Eat Naked Natural Peanut Butter Tube 12 x 32g

At Eat Naked, we adhere to a simple philosophy. Less is more. Less complicated, less footprint, less meddling with nature's goods. That's why you'll only find the finest quality peanuts, a swirl of pure raw honey and a smattering of salt in tis all-natural peanut butter. Packed with protein, Fibre and other natural goodness, and with no unnecessary additives, its pure peanut power. So you can enjoy it all the more.

Why should you buy it:
- We leave our food nude. Super nude. No added sugar. No artificial anything. Just all natural, all pure goodness.
- Good things come in threes. Which is why every Eat Naked product is good for you, good for the community and good for the birds and the bees (i.e. the environment).

- Peanuts - 95%
- Honey - 5%
- Sea Salt

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