$19 Disaar Rapid Relief Spray - 100ml

$19 Disaar Rapid Relief Spray - 100ml

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For symptomatic relief of joint pain, backache, sprains, myositis, fibrositis, and lumbago.

- Muscle soreness after exercise, muscle fatigue rub like the next day, allowing you to re-spirit of the times, the effect is magical.
- Effect that relieves muscle pain, bruising for a variety of pieces, bruises, cervical and lumbar pain, and all kinds of sprains.
- Both working people long for neck and back pain caused by a computer, and sports travel enthusiasts relieve joint pain.
- No side effects, no dependence.

Stiff neck, bruising, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, muscle fatigue, back pain, bruising,
stretching, joint pain in the elderly.
Fast relief from pain in muscles and joints
-Suitable for backaches, muscular pains, sprains, arthritic pains
Footcare & varicose veins
Blocked sinuses; coughs & congestion

Dosage: For external use, apply and gently rub the affected area, increase blood circulation, until completely absorbed, two to three times a day

Caution: Do not apply on wounds or broken skin. Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas. Do not swallow, discontinue use if excessive irritation occurs.

Directions for use:
- Apply liberally to the affected areas as often as necessary. Store in a cool, dry place. Just apply and massage gently till fully absorbed 2-3 times daily.

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