$229 ON Shoes - Cloud X 1.0 White Black - Women - Running/Gym/CrossFit - UK 7.5

$229 ON Shoes - Cloud X 1.0 White Black - Women - Running/Gym/CrossFit - UK 7.5

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Stability. Versatility. Manoeuvrability. Cloud X is Swiss-engineered to crush any and every movement-based workout. Refined to the specifications of multi-functional athletes, it punches well above its ultralight weight.

Cutting edge technological innovations and a Helion super foam injection mean the second-generation Cloud X improves on all the strengths of its predecessor and is even more durable.

This powerhouse never backs down from a challenge and is at home on the track, street or in the gym. Leave limits behind.

Cloud X uses materials high in quality and low on weight.

Flexible but tough, the engineered mesh upper has a function-focused weave pattern for durability, breathability, and agility.

And the no-sew design maintains a perfect fit during any activity that gets you fit.

Reactive and dynamic, the CloudTec outsole in Helion super foam is made specifically for explosive movements in all directions.

Molded cushion pads in the heel offer gentle security and the Speedboard within energizes your every step. Raised sidewalls add stability and agility.

Flexible but tough in all the right places, the engineered mesh upper features a function-focused weave pattern for increased durability and padding. Using materials of the highest quality and lowest weight, breathability is assured.

For breathability and an irritation-free fit, the Cloud X tongue is integrated into the upper of the shoe. The no-sew design and sock layer lining ensure an inch-perfect fit for any activity that gets you fit.

Engineered mesh in a function-focused pattern.

Fast-firing Speedboard supports explosive movements.

Helion super foam for comfort, resilience, and rebound.

Removable memory foam insoles.

Traction pattern provides hold on hard surfaces.

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1 x Pair of ON Shoes

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